Over The Reef Yacht Club
Commonwealth Annual Regatta for Pirates

Boats lined up at Oleai Beach
Lined up and ready to pillage and plunder

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The Second Commonwealth Annual (sort of) Regatta for Pirates, or CARP II, was attended by 28 yacht club members and their families. Though outright mayhem was kept to a minimum, a good time was had by all. The "treasure," a certificate redeemable for $150.00 in cash was found by the crew of Mark and Choi Thompson's boat, and was generously divided among the children attending the regatta. All pictures come to us courtesy of Mary Hiyashi and Eric Hillstrom. Thanks!

Yacht club members at Oleai
Organizing, pirate style!
Lisa and Linda
Searching for clues?
Tanya, Lynn and Eirc
Paul, Sue, Ann and Ed
Mark, Choi, and crew
Lino, Cisto, Cecilio, and Eirc
Janet and Tony
Boats leaving Oleai
Taking to the sea
Boats leaving Oleai
Taking to the sea

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